Mackey Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky – Release Six


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Triple distilled, made from 100% premium Tasmanian malt barley and pristine highland water.

700 ml 49% Abv 
CASK: Apera
BARREL: French Oak. Mashed, fermented, triple distilled, matured and bottled at Shene Distillery.

This release is limited to 750 bottles.

Tasting notes

Colour: Antique Gold
Nose: Sweet bees’ wax polish and floral tones. Hints of banana custard and poached figs.
Palate: Lovely thick and velvety palate feel opens to some delicate and sweet tropical fruit notes before magically transitioning to the classic spicy apera cask finish. The middle to back palate transfer is a delightful segway from the floral and fruity confectioner’s bench to the zesty pantry spices that leave a wonderful peppery tingle and have you yearning for another dram of this beguiling sherry cask beauty.
Finish: Sweet sherbert and white pepper in a brilliant combo. Long, lingering and luscious.