Poltergeist Gin and Mackey Whisky.

Shene Estate Distillery’s products reflect the merging of the old and new. Our aim is to create spirits which are infused with new flavours and experiences, but preserve the essence of traditional distillation practices. We use only copper pot stills made by Tasmania’s own master still-maker Peter Bailly, and our techniques are those that have remained largely unchanged for centuries. The Shene Distillery is home to Tasmanian's largest copper pot still producing our single malt Mackey Whisky.

Poltergeist Gin

Shene Estate Distillery Poltergeist Gin - A True Spirit

Poltergeist ‘A True Spirit’ is a fragrant, crisp blend of flavours and aromas in the London dry gin style. To balance our carefully selected ingredients, it has been filtered to ensure each is able to shine on the palette.

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Shene Estate Distillery Poltergeist Gin unfiltered

Poltergeist - Unfiltered retains the full spectrum of all the flavours and aromas that we coax from our botanicals, and will please gin lovers looking for a powerful, mouth-watering nose and a taste that is big, bold and beautiful. For those who indulge in this more intense incarnation, be warned - it may ghost over ice.

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However you like it, we recommend that Poltergeist Gin is best served with fine company, gossip and in the dead of night.

We're over the moon to say that Poltergeist Gin - Unfiltered has been awarded a Double Gold medal at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In 2019 it became Australia’s first Platinum awarded product! These awards make Poltergeist one of Tasmania’s most celebrated gins.

Double Gold at the World Spirits Competition is awarded to a spirit that receives a gold medal from every judge in its class. The competition is in its 19th year and spirits are blind-judged by a panel of experts.

And that's not all - Poltergeist was also awarded a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards 2017. Here's what the judges had to say:

"Resinous with deep flavours that are green and leafy, with a woody pepper-spice. Spices, herbal, earthy notes on nose that carry onto the palate with bitter orange. Very tasty, indeed. Good menthol finish."

Mackey Triple Distilled Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky

Shene Estate is home to Mackey Whisky - a triple distilled unpeated Tasmanian whisky. The mash is made from hundred percent premium Tasmanian malted barley, fermentation with our particular yeast. The three distillations are all in traditional copper pot stills, and ageing occurs in port and sherry French oak casks of both 100 litres and 20 litres capacities, made by Tasmanian coopers. Mackey Whisky is triple distilled, and exhibits a fine, smooth character combined with the creamy mouth-feel and malty flavours derived from Tasmania’s world-class brewing barley.

At the 2016 International Whisky Competition™, Mackey Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky was awarded a GOLD medal in the Best World Whisky category. This is the third international award presented to Shene Estate Distillery products. This award sits proudly in the distillery.

Mackey Whisky was also awarded a silver medal at the 2017 World Whisky Awards in London.

Additionally, Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2017 scored a 94.5 out of 100 to our Mackey Single Malt - aged 6 years in a Port cask 002. This score places our Mackey in the category "superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live". Well strewth, team Shene will drink to that! 

Head distiller Damian Mackey.

Head Distiller Damian Mackey and wife Madeleine established Mackey’s Distillery nine years ago. They have spent the past decade learning the distilling craft, experimenting with flavours and processes, learning about the industry, and developing their distinctive Tasmanian tripled distilled single malt. Damian’s long interest in making whisky was kindled in the early 1990s when he went to work as a land surveyor for Bill and Lyn Lark. It was exciting to see Tasmania’s embryonic whisky industry take shape under the steady hand of the father of the Tasmanian whisky industry - and Damian decided that he’d have to be a distiller too – one day. He’s a patient man and fourteen years later, in 2005, Damian started turning his dream into reality. He brings to Shene a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion.

Establishing the Distillery at Shene

During the course of 2015, the old hayshed at Shene Estate was rebuilt to accommodate the Shene Estate Distillery. Nestled within the estate’s magnificent heritage precinct, the distillery will give new life to old buildings, and ensure their heritage values are retained and supported into the future. Inside, the distillery is state of the art but externally it will marry perfectly with the estate’s historic character. A showcase of rare trades.

We are pleased to say that our first whisky barrels are already ageing and our award winning Poltergeist Gin is ready for sale.